You Could Be Chatting Online With Halle Berry

Whenever I think about the stunning Halle Berry, her truly exceptional acting scenes from Swordfish and Monster’s Ball pop into my head. It just so happens that the scenes feature her sans clothing.

In her upcoming movie, Perfect Stranger, she plays a reporter who goes online and creates undercover profiles in an attempt to solve the murder of a childhood friend. Chatting away with her various identities, her internet snooping leads her to the CEO of a major ad agency (played by Bruce Willis).


Apparently, Berry really does interact with complete strangers online. From EARTHtimes:

Actress Halle Berry said Friday she really does chat with total strangers on the internet, just like the character she plays in the April-release Hollywood movie Perfect Stranger. “I found the anonymity exciting, because I could keep giving myself new names,” she told Deutsche Presse-Agenture dpa in a Berlin interview. “After a while I found it kind of funny to adopt these identities and I started going into chats with my real name.

“But when other people read that someone is calling herself Halle Berry, they think you are some kind of crazy person.”

So the next time you’re in the WhiteMenLovingBlackWomen chatroom and someone says that she is Halle Berry… it still probably isn’t her.

—kid disco

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