Yahoo! Survey – Asking for Feedback on SERPs?

I know Yahoo had a crappy “Weather Update” just over a week ago…

When I checked my rank reporting program today, I noticed some more dramatic movement in Yahoo across several sites and keywords…

So, I went directly to the source and began keying in some searches at Yahoo and noticed something I haven’t seen before at the top of the results:

Yahoo SERP

Closer look:

Yahoo Survey

So, is everybody seeing this? I’m getting it for everything I search for.

Is this something new? Or have I been completely out of it?

There’s obviously some more updating going on… I’m seeing some even more redunkulous rankings in the SERPs…

Update: I thought that if anybody knew anything about this, it would be Barry… so, I shot him an email and he pointed me over to a post on SERoundtable, of course. 🙂

The instance that I caught appears to be a little different from what Barry posted back in July. I should add that although the survey appears above the organic results in the screenshot above, if I queried a term that delivered sponsored ads, the survey appeared above the sponsored ads section.

Also, once I clicked one of the radio buttons, a quick “Thank you…” flashed and then the survey disappeared. Now, I am unable to see the survey again, even after clearing my cache and starting a new session.

—kid disco

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