WebmasterWorld PubCon Boston 2006 Recap

So, I think it would be safe to say that my first time in Boston and my first WMW conference proved to be a success for me. Though, I’m not exactly sure what to write about here… There is so much to say!

Yes, it is late… and yes, I have been drinking. It seems to have become a trend for me to post after a night on the town – or in this case, during a night in my family room, but this past week is an exception because it was more like a vacation for me. Though, I am not sure why I always feel like its a good idea to drink and blog – while watching Yo Momma

I am not going to blog about the sessions at the conference because many others have already done so. If you check out these posts, you will find a slew of great links to other posts and blogs:

WebmasterWorld Boston 2006 PubCon Wrapup
Back from Boston Pubcon

Although I had to Jet Blue out of the actual PubCon after being there for less than an hour, I was lucky enough to share a cab on the way there with Marshall Sponder, the WebMetricsGuru – who I met in the lobby of the hotel.

Throughout the week, I was also lucky enough to meet Lee Odden, Jim Boykin, Todd Malicoat, Matt Cutts, Jeremy Zawodney, Robert Scoble, and Frederick Marckini. All huge names in the industry – great people and great inspirations for me.

Unfortunately, I don’t think my girlfriend understands why I get so excited for these geek events…

I’m out of beer…

P.S. Can anybody recommend a good spell-check plugin?

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