Warning: This Is A Stupid Post

So you like to read stupid posts, eh?

I just really wanted to write something really quick. I ended up thinking about what to write, longer than it probably would’ve taken me to write something worthwhile.

Hmm… Should I have put a comma between write and longer in the previous sentence? When I say the sentence out loud, I pause after saying write… but I don’t think there’s supposed to be a comma there. Butt* when I leave the comma out, I feel like the sentence becomes one of those sentences you need to read twice in order to get what it means. Any grammar nazi’s out there?

Hell, you’re probably going to need to read most of the sentences in this post twice, anyway. I really should’ve just rewrote the sentence, but we don’t do that here, tonight.

Anyway, it’s been quite a crazy month. Lots of thing going on… and things are looking good. Big ups to myself.

Blog blog blog… I have a ton of drafts that I never finished. Some of them are outdated and others are just stupid. There’s a few that I should finish up, though. I also have a bunch of really, really good-looking ideas for posts bouncing around in the noggin… I promise I’ll post something good sometime in the near forever.

I warned you that this post is stupid. If you have any stupid posts, feel free to drop it like it’s hot in the pimp-style comments, yo!

—kid disco

* Remember that stupid grade school teacher who told you that you can’t begin a sentence with but or and? I showed my teacher a sentence in an English textbook that began with but and she said the textbook was stupid. So, in my next paper, I started a sentence with butt (in place of but). It was a perfect paper, otherwise… only the one red mark… and she gave me a “C.” I contested… she sent me to the prinicipal’s office (remember, the principal is your “pal”)… I told my story… and the teacher had to correct herself in front of the class. I ended up with an “A-” for misspelling but. Heh heh… I told you this post is stupid.

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