VSO (Vanity Search Optimization) Part Deux

I initially wrote about Vanity Search Optimization about a month ago, so I thought I would follow up with the results, so far.

Basically, I’m trying to monopolize the SERPs for my name. Since I’ve been moonlighting under the handle “Kid Disco,” I haven’t been garnering any kind of equity for my real name(s).

Since the first VSO post, I’ve done a couple of things to rank for my own name; mainly focusing on “CK Chung,” for now. So far, I have the following pages:

My goal is to take over the top ten in the search engines for my name. Right now, I am seeing 4/10 listings in Google, 6/10 in Yahoo, and 5/10 in Live when querying ck chung. Prior to this experiment, I could not be found on the first page across all three engines.

I’ll be doing a couple more things over the next few weeks and report back.

—kid disco

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