Vanity Search Optimization (VSO)

Contrary to popular belief, I do not perform daily vanity searches for my own name. Maybe I should be…

I never realized how popular my name was. I guess it would make sense when you pair up a popular Korean name – Chung – with a popular Caucasian (I guess?) name – Christopher.

The kicker is that I go by a couple different variations of my name. Someone looking for me online may search for:

The names aren’t really optimized for, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a couple things on the first page. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll use various tips and tricks from the following posts, and some of my own to see what I can do to get my name out there…

Tips for Controlling the Top 10

Social Media Marketing, eh? Let’s See What’s in Our Bag o’ Goodies.

Fighting Off Negative Publicity and Affiliates in the SERPs

It’s not really online reputation management, because I don’t have much of an online reputation to manage. So I’m calling it Vanity Search Optimization or VSO. Ha!

I hope I’m not opening up the same can of worms that Ted Leonsis did… 😛

—kid disco

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