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So, it may not look like a lot of work has been done with this site… but I have been doing – or trying to do – a ton of things behind the scenes. I’ve been learning more and more about blogging. I knew about the basics, but now that I am blogging somewhat regularly, I am finding more and more things I can experiment with and implement.

On that note, I am continuing to add to my skill set. I have a pretty good grasp of HTML and CSS. I also mentioned before that I was learning PHP by trial and error, and now I’m beginning to find my way around this MYSQL stuff and Apache junk.

On that note, I like to think that I am becoming a “Top-of-the-Line SEO Specialist” as defined in a recent ClickZ article by Shari Thurow. I would say that my increasing knowledge in all things web, marketing, and communication makes me a better SEOer.

On that note, I can’t be more thankful that I fell into an occupation that I don’t consider work. I look forward to doing what I do and learning as much as I can about it. Is this how most people in this industry feel?

On that note, thanks to this tip by Double D, I incorporated a new line of code into this site that nicely formats the title tag and meta description tag in WordPress.

On that note, I spent a chunk of today installing and configuring Gallery and I’m in the process of testing it out… so, hopefully, I ‘ll be putting some pics on here soon!

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