Too Good To Pass Up At The Top Of The Week!

I’m writing this after watching a terrific game of Monday Night Football and while Life & Rhymes: Kanye West (which I’ve already watched at least five times) is playing in the background. Not to mention, I have Weeds and Californication coming up. This is not far from being an ideal night for me… 😛

Anyway, it’s only Monday and I’ve already come across a handful of some of the best posts that I have read in awhile.

First, there’s the essentials:

Some news:

Discotastic (that means really, really good) posts:

AND my most favorite post in the room (and definitely top 3 in the street, depending on the street):

  • From Woodstock to Social Media – Not only did this post by Kim touch on my ardent fascination with the 60s, she tied it back to social media and ended it with an innocent and defeated sentiment, yet it instilled hope.

Alright, time for Weeds. Did I miss any goodies?

It’s only Monday!
—kid disco

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