The Best Recap of PubCon

So, I’m back from a Thanksgiving road trip to Scottsdale during which we traveled 50 miles in the first three hours.

Catching up on blog posts, it seems like novel-length recaps of SEO conferences are all the rage nowadays. I read through many well-written summaries and depictions, but there was one that truly stood out.

…And the coveted SEOdisco Award for Best Recapitulation of PubCon 2006 – Las Vegas is…

SEO Loser!

Here I was, getting denied right and left, by a bunch of 25-50 year old nerdy guys. I had a collection of mixed emotions. I didn’t know if I was going to laugh or cry. I was still having a fantastic time (maybe the free beer helped with that), and I certainly wasn’t hurt or offended, but I was a little upset just because I think those people would have been so fun to have a real conversation with if they didn’t make it so difficult.

SEO Loser genially encapsulates the experience of attending an industry conference for the first time. I eagerly await his future posts!

—kid disco

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