Targeting the College Demographic

For 16-24 year-old women look to the internet to socialize while same aged men are more interested in checking out the sports websites.

From BizReport:

A study from Youth Trends found that young women and young men use the Internet for different thing. It focused on kids between the ages of 16 and 24. For young ladies, the Internet is a social hub. Sites like MySpace and Facebook are among their favorite places to go. “For females on the web right now, posting and sharing photos is big, so you can essentially say: females are to digital photos as males are to sports,” Josh Weil of Youth Trends is quoted as saying. For young men, sports sites like ESPN, Yahoo and Google are favorite landing pages.

Another post on BizReport:

If you want to reach college kids, put your brand on the Internet. That is the result of a new survey from Burst Media. About one-third of the 800 college age kids surveyed said they use the Internet more than 10 hours on a typical week. In comparison, less than 20% say they spend 10 hours or more watching television or listening to the radio each week.

To be honest, I didn’t have much time for the internet, TV, or studying when I was in college (graduated in ’03)… I’m sure it would be different if I were in college now as the social networking medium is taking over as the main form of communication, organization, planning, documenting…

Update:  I just came across an article on eMarketer that is on the same topic: Back to School and Back Online

Check it,
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