Taking A Stab At The Definition of Holistic SEO

A month or two back, I was toying with the content on my consulting site and decided to create a page on Holistic SEO.

It seems like the term “holistic SEO” is being used more frequently lately. I’ve been seeing the top dawgs, like Lee, using the phrase more and more… I see forms of it being used a lot on SEOmoz by the mozzers and members alike…

I don’t know who actually came up with the term or when it was first mentioned, but I know that Kim has had it in her title for as long as I can remember.

I use it to define my consultancy and services…

…But what exactly is Holistic SEO?

I attempted to tackle this question and here is what I came up with:

Holistic SEO: A synergistic website marketing strategy utilizing a variety of online channels and other related elements of marketing and web design to supplement one’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

There are a few things I’m already thinking about changing/adding:

  • Replace supplement with complement/accompany?
  • Add something like: with an attention to increasing traffic and conversions at the end?

Like I mention on my Holistic SEO page, the term holistic SEO in and of itself probably does not make sense in terms of syntax, but the way we use the term search engine optimization doesn’t make sense either.

Anyway, with so many elements of search and online marketing being used by SEOs and the focus of efforts moving away from just rankings and towards traffic and conversions, I think “holistic SEO” is being used enough now that it deserves a definition.

I would like to open this up to the SEO community for thoughts, ideas, suggestions… What do you think?

—kid disco

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