Stop Linking to Directories?

While this post will undoubtedly pertain to other industries, it is intended for the RealSEOdisco category, which features internet marketing topics geared towards real estate. These posts will be directed to the REALTOR who is seeking information on marketing their website. For more information, see Real Estate SEO by Kid Disco.

There is an interesting thread going on at the Real Estate Webmasters forum titled Directory Linking

The premise of the thread is that many real estate agents exchange links with directories in order to boost their own rankings… Ironically, these same directories are outranking the agent’s sites.

Most of these directories require a linkback from the homepage when their link to the agent’s site is placed 2 or more pages deep into the directory. Most agents, not knowing any better, place numerous links out to these directories on their home page resulting in a plethora of real estate sites co-citing the directory, thus increasing the popularity of these directories…

Of course there are relevant directories to link to and some may be worthwhile to link to from the homepage, but if you have dozens of those ugly logo links crowding the bottom of your homepage, I suggest that you check out the REW thread and participate in the discussion

—kid disco

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