Sorry About the Slow Posting

Due to the recent hacking spree going on, I upgraded to the latest release of WordPress… even before Todd did. Unfortunately, while I may have prevented my site from being hacked, I must’ve messed something up and ended up losing some functionality in the back-end.

The blog was up and running fine on the front-end, so I let it be for the time being since I didn’t have time to look into it. I was able to get everything corrected yesterday.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who come by to visit SEOdisco! I’ve been thinking a lot about exactly what I want to do with this blog… give it a bit of direction. I’ve also been working on the new theme/design. So, hopefully, I’ll be posting about both of those things within the next few weeks.

—kid disco

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  1. naisioxerloro

    November 28 2007 @ 8:21 am

    Good design, who make it?

  2. kid disco

    November 28 2007 @ 11:59 am

    @ naisioxerloro – Thanks! You can check out the bottom of my About page for the credits.

  3. propertyarchives

    March 10 2008 @ 6:11 am

    I am a new member here. I am from the US and am 25 years old. I am here to
    share my experiences and gain from your expertise.

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