SES-NY 2007 Party Scene Lives On Without Me

It pains me to say that I will not be attending SES-NY, this year. I thought I would be going for sure… and if I was still with my previous employer, I’d be there without a doubt. The last conference I went to was SES-San Jose back in August… and many of you know that I had quite a great time there.

I’ve never been to New York, and this would have been the perfect opportunity to go. New York is one of my girlfriend’s favorite cities and before I left my previous employer, we planned on making a little vacation out of the trip like we did for WMW/PubCon – Boston. However, my current employer doesn’t see the value of sending me to conferences. That’s as far as I’ll go with that…

You guys will have to have fun without me, this time. Joe has posted the *OFFICIAL* SES NYC 2007 Party & Events Schedule and it looks like there will be plenty to do… and it’s freakin’ New York for cripes sake!

Rest assured, that I will be attending a few conferences later this year… even if it’s on my own accord.

NY or die… next year,
—kid disco

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