SEOdisco.com Worth $3,387.24

I know I have seen this tool before, but I ran across it again through Rand, who mentions Debra Mastaler’s post.

My blog is worth $3,387.24.
How much is your blog worth?


It hasn’t even been two weeks since I started blogging and it is already worth $3,387.24! Not bad… 🙂

I’m not counting on it’s merit, but it is still fun!

Check out Debra’s blog! :: http://thelinkspiel.blogspot.com 😉

Update: I just realized that I had breakfast with the owner of business-opportunities.biz at the WebmasterWorld Conference last week! I just happened to be going through all of the business cards that I collected in Boston and Dane’s URL was screaming out at me for some reason… DUH!… I just posted an entry about a tool from his site!  Dane is a great guy and his site features a huge collection of business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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