Searcharazzi and a Klog!

I’ve been out of the loop for the past week since four of my best friends flew out from Chicago to visit me. I don’t get to many chances to see them since I moved out here to the OC, so I spent as much time as I could while they were here… Over the past six days, I was online for a total of maybe one hour! It was quite refreshing.

Now, I am back and I find out that while I was gone, a few cool things happened that directly involve yours truly.

First, I find out that my suggestion for the name of Search Engine Land’s new gossip column was chosen: Searcharazzi.

Then I find out that I won the highly coveted prize in Karl Ribas’ Win a Klog contest!

Maybe, I should get away from the internet more often…

In other news, Lisa Ditlefsen tagged me for the “You Might Be An SEO If…” meme, but I have too many beans jumping around in my head for me to think about this one. Nonetheless, Lisa has some funny lines that you should check out.

—kid disco

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