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As mentioned on my About page, I found my way into Internet Marketing at a leading company that designed websites for real estate agents. I worked on REALTOR’s websites for about two years, so in accordance with my ego, I’d like to consider myself an expert when it comes to online marketing in real estate.

Personally working with over 130 premium clients, Disco provided beginning to pimp-ass levels of Search Engine Marketing/Optimization.

I am creating a new category for this blog labeled “realSEOdisco” which will be a compilation of my posts that deal with SEO geared towards the real estate niche. I am going to try posting about Real Estate SEO once a week, probably on Sundays.

I have also added a unique domain name – RealSEOdisco.com – which permanantly (301) redirects to the actual URL of the page – http://www.seodisco.com/category/realseodisco/ – so you may access the category either way. You may notice that I have also added a new tab titled “Real Estate” in the top navigation bar.

I am thinking that most of these posts will be fairly basic and will undoubtedly pertain to other niches. Every now and then, I may post about some more advanced topics. I will also try to relate current SEO happenings to the real estate market.

If you have any suggestions for this category, feel free to leave a comment!

Visit my consulting site for Real Estate SEO Services.

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