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While this post will undoubtedly pertain to other industries, it is intended for the RealSEOdisco category, which features internet marketing topics geared towards real estate. These posts will be directed to the REALTOR who is seeking information on marketing their website. For more information, see Real Estate SEO by Kid Disco.

I have been spending more and more time in the Real Estate Webmasters forum lately. As I mentioned on my about page, I started out in online real estate marketing… So, I have been having a lot of fun shootin’ the sh!t over at REW with REALTORs and webmasters.

If you are in real estate and feel the need to graduate from using your generic, template driven website, I recommend you to give Real Estate Webmasters a good look. I’ve seen some pretty sweet sites designed by them.

If you are happy with your website, but would like to learn more about optimizing it, you should register and participate in their forum. There are over 4000 members who ask questions, get answers, exchange ideas, and even just chat… not only about websites, but all things real estate related.

If you are an SEO who would like to contribute to the forum, I’m sure the members would definitely appreciate the expert advice.

If you are a real estate agent, you would be stupid not to have a website… If you are a real estate agent that has a website, it would be stupid not to join and participate in this free community.

No, I did not work for REW, but knowing what I know about them, it seems like they are on top of their game. Why am I posting this? I want to win one of their websites through their referral contest. What will I do with the site if I win? I’ll probably open it up to the forum for ideas, but I’m thinking of experimenting with a free directory that will benefit those with quality real estate websites. Why do you want to do this? Just another chance to give and learn… learn and give… 😛

—kid disco

P.S.  I provide Real Estate Keyword Research and Site Audit & Analysis services through my SEO Consultancy.

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