Off Topic: College Football

I love college football. Especially since my alma mater – Northern Illinois University (NIU) – has ended up among the top teams in the Mid-American Conference the past couple years.

This year, we have the nation’s leading running back in a 5’7″ and 177 lbs body named Garrett Wolfe. He is currently averaging 210 yards-per-game, which is 39 yards more than the next highest!

You may think, “Yeah, but against what kind of teams is he racking up these stats?”

Well, he ran for 171 yards and caught 5 passes for another 114 yards in their opening game this season against Ohio State.

Yes… THE Ohio State University Buckeyes, the #1 team in the country.

Although my NIU Huskies lost, you have to be impressed with Wolfe’s play.

That’s why I’m rooting on Garrett Wolfe for Heisman!

Any other SEOs out there that follow college football? Who’s your team?

—kid disco

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