No More Landing Pages Protest?

A colleague of mine just directed me to a video clip of people protesting landing pages at the last AdTech conference.

Yes, that is what I said… There appears to be a campaign for No More Landing Pages. Here’s the blog:

Now, I don’t dabble in PPC as much as I used to, but I do have a bit of experience in it and collarborate with PPC specialists regularly… With that said, I’m not quite sure that I understand the campaign.

I’m not sure how much weight this protest really has. They even list 5 good things about landing pages.

From what I gathered while skimming through the posts, it sounds like what they are really campaigning against is single-page, salesletter-style landing pages (which I think have their place for various instances).

It sounds to me like they are getting landing pages mixed up with good and bad marketing.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting so I wanted to point it out.

Here is their self-serving clip of the anti-climactic protest:

YouTube Preview Image

Any thoughts from those who are more experienced? Anybody at all?

—kid disco

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