Nicole on The Apprentice LA

Apprentice NicoleIf you watched the premier episode of The Apprentice Season 6 last night, you would have seen my friend, Nicole D’Ambrosio.

I know Nikki from our time at Northern Illinois University. I think we initially met through our associations in the greek system (translation: we traded slurred nonesense at a slammin’ boozefest… 😛 ). I’d see her at the bars all the time (translation: I was getting wasted and she was working her ass off as a waitress to pay her way through college).

On the real, while she is very focused and driven, she is also super-outgoing and easy to get along with… and I think it showed in the first episode.

During the first episode, Nikki flew under the radar for a bit, but made her presence felt during the challenges and definitely showed up towards the end. I really loved the little, light-hearted “bathroom” crack she made at the contestant who eventually got voted off.

Unfortunately, she’s not able to tell anybody anything about future episodes, no matter how much we bug her. The fact of the matter is that prior to about a month ago, everybody was under the impression that she moved away for her job. NO ONE had any idea that she was rubbing elbows with the Donald!

Her bio on NBC’s site labels her as “The Dreamer” on the show.

Nicole, 25, was born and raised in Naperville, Illinois and graduated with honors from Northern Illinois University with a business degree and an emphasis on marketing/sales. She also earned an associate of science degree and her certificate in real estate at Kishwaukee College. As a testament to her strong work ethic, she financed 100% of her education by working 2-3 jobs simultaneously throughout her college years. Nicole now owns her own real estate corporation in Chicago, which specializes in large acquisitions of commercial real estate. She also has her own portfolio of property valued at more than $1 million, and enjoys cooking, golfing, water sports and reading motivational books in her free time. She says she should be the next Apprentice because “I have the education, real estate experience and an undying will to succeed at everything I do.”

This season introduces a few crazy twists… First of all, the show takes place in Los Angeles, rather than Manhattan. The winning team each week gets to live in a mansion while the losers will have to rough it outside in tents in the backyard with outdoor showers and port-a-potties! The winning project manager maintains their position until their team loses and they also get to sit in on the board meeting to help Trump decide who he fires from the losing team.

The Apprentice is on Sunday nights at 9/8c. You can catch the first episode online at NBC.com. For more information about Nicole, check out her personal website and be her friend on MySpace!

—kid disco

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