New Design and Logo for SEOdisco!

If you are reading this through a feedreader, you should click-through to my site and check out the new digs!

So, after my little design fiasco over two months ago, I finally got around to finishing up the new look for this blog.

A few of you may have noticed that I turned on the new theme over the weekend. I did that knowing the weekend is when I average the least amount of traffic and I wanted to test and tweak this site without causing too many problems for my limited amount of visitors. 🙂

I have been utilizing the WordPress blogging platform ever since I started blogging. The theme you see now is my own custom hack job on top of the (Not So) Fresh theme by Bartelme.

The logo is my own brainchild… though I did enlist some help with the actual designing of it. The company I used was excellent and I will be writing a separate blog post about it later, for those that may be interested in a great logo designing service.

I’ve incorporated a lot of neat plugins and learned a lot about customizing WordPress throughout this whole process, so I plan on sharing some of those things in the near future.

Anyway, I hope you like the new look! There a few more small tweaks that I want to make, but please feel free to leave your thoughts. Also, if something does not seem to be functioning properly, please let me know!

—kid disco

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