My List of Must Read Blogs

Last week, Lee posted his mondo list of Must Read Search Marketing Blogs. There are over 250 in his list!

Also, last week, Matt wrote about the new Google Reader Trends Page and we learned that he follows 81 feeds…

I’ve been regularly following 86 blogs in my Feedreader… take that, Matt!

However, I have recently decided that 86 is way too much for me. I actually used to follow over 100, but I’ve trimmed a few here and there. Still, I feel like I’ve been spending way too much time reading through blogs and it hasn’t been the most productive use of my time.

I’m not going to list all 86 blogs I’ve followed, but here is my old OPML file… and I will say that they are all very good and worth reading, but some of them simply regurgitate information from other sources and others do not feature quality posts often enough for my best interests, at this time. I feel like I’ve been following the blogs long enough to determine which ones have a high signal-to-noise ratio and will benefit me the most.

So contrary to the latest craze of subscribing to every feed available, I’m hoping to start the feed jettisoning revolution. Okay, maybe not… but I have shortened my list considerably.

You may wonder why some of the more popular blogs are not on my list… I’ve determined that if they feature posts that are important enough, the blogs that I do follow will mention and/or link to them.

With that said, I have narrowed my list by more than half, to the following 36:

(By category and then alphabetical order within the category)

Daily Fix





For Fun

So, there it is! I can’t believe I’ve trimmed it down to 36!

There’s not much you can do to get on this list, if you’re not on it… short of giving me a lot of money. 😛 It’s my personal list and I’ve put a lot of time and thought into it. Of course it will inevitably change over the course of time…


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