My Feedback for Google Dance 2006

What did you like most about Google Dance 2006?

I liked having the opportunity to mingle with like-minded folks in a fun atmosphere. I also enjoyed the spicy corndogs.

What did you like least about Google Dance 2006?

It ended too early and there was no Jack Daniels.

Did you learn anything new about Google?

  • Yes

If so, what did you learn

That they deny any existence of a Google Time Machine and do not admit to any lab experiments concerning time travel.

What years have you attended Google Dance?

  • 2006
  • This was my first one

What would you like to see at Google Dance 2007?

A live performance by the Pussycat Dolls…

Beer Olympics – including keg stands, flippy cup, beer pong…

A Playboy Mansion-style grotto, complete with Playboy Bunnies…

Real karaoke backed by the American Idol house band…

And Jack Daniels.

Why do you come to Google Dance? (Please select your top 3 reasons.)

  • Social Mingling
  • Meet Google Employees/Engineers
  • See Google’s Campus

—kid disco

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