Move Over, Google… Experian Buys Hitwise for $240 million

As I was going through my news this morning, I discovered that the global information powerhouse I used to work for, Experian, has acquired yet another data-rich internet company, Hitwise.

Don Robert, Chief Executive Officer of Experian, commented:

We have been successfully repositioning our Marketing Solutions business to meet our clients’ needs as they continue to switch more of their advertising spend online. Hitwise, which is a rapidly growing, successful business, brings new, unique data to Experian and complements the existing data, tools and expertise that we already offer to clients in other areas such as research services and email distribution.

I worked under the interactive division at Experian and my role there was as the inaugural (and lone) in-house SEO Specialist. During my year there, I basically developed and executed the entire SEO strategy. Among other things, I also led or co-led projects to redesign many of Experian’s sites.

Most of you probably don’t know how big Experian actually is. You probably know them best for their credit reporting services, but they also own:

…And now, Hitwise.

They probably own even more companies that I don’t know about, not to mention that the companies that they own also own companies, as well. In addition, Experian partners with just about every other big company that you’ve heard of… they are huge.

So, when I say that Experian is a global information super-conglomerate… I mean exactly that. Sure, the title of this post may be a bit exaggerated, but there is no doubt that Experian is a force to be reckoned with.

It has been only six months since Experian became an independant company following their succesful demerger from GUS – a former UK-based super-conglomerate in its own right, previously owning Experian, Argos Retail Group, and Burberry.

It will be interesting to follow Experian and see if they pick up any more companies.

Congrats to both Experian and Hitwise!

—kid disco

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