Lotsa Traffic for Me Last Week

I made only one post last week – a Friday Funtime Post, at that – but I averaged more traffic to my site than I have ever had before. Yeah, the numbers are super-measely compared to the big-dawgs like Jim and Rand, but it’s still exciting to see my blog gain some momentum…

I think I can attribute my increase in traffic to the following:

  • Differentiation – I think it may be apparent now that my whole schtick includes a bit of humor, a bit of controversy, and a bit of just whatever else I feel like. With the intention of being different, I’ve ended up just being myself. I try to offer a bit of something else rather than being just another regurgitator.
  • Participation – I’ve been participating more on other blogs by leaving comments and I’ve also been responding to comments on the rare instances that I get them. I’ve been seeing more traffic coming from my comments on other’s blogs and more repeat commenters on my own blog.
  • Relationships – I’ve been lucky enough to interact, chat, and meet with others in the industry and this has led to more exposure in the form of links, blogrolls, and participation as mentioned above.
  • Traction – I’ve been blogging for about six months now. This has amounted to some stability, history, and visibility. My posts have also been showing up in the SERPs which has been delivering about a quarter of my traffic.

This is all really gravy, since I didn’t create this blog with the intentions of attracting a buttload of readers.

Nonetheless, I have learned a ton from my blog and will continue to do what I do.

Actually, I have some super-sweet stuff (at least I think so) brewing up that I plan to reveal over the next month or so… so, stay tuned, yo!

—kid disco

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