Listed in DMOZ in 5 Days!

Holy crap! So… following my post yesterday, I checked my stats for my personal blog today and saw a referral from http://editors.dmoz.org.blahblahblah…

Hmm… I submitted my Garrett Wolfe for Heisman microsite to DMOZ on Saturday (10/7) for the fun of it. I obviously want it to rank high for the term “Garrett Wolfe for Heisman” so on Saturday, I purused around a bunch of football and Heisman related blogs and submitted some quick comments… I also submitted a listing into DMOZ, but I never thought that a microsite on my personal blog would make it in there…

So, an editor has already looked at my submission, eh? To my utter surprise, I find that it has indeed been listed… in five days, no less!

Sure, it may be seven levels deep… but it’s still a link in DMOZ!

Anway, Seotie is a cool little site I’ve used where you can keep track of your DMOZ submissions and be alerted when your links get listed.

—kid disco

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