Kid Disco’s 1st Official Post

Who is Kid Disco?

Check out my about page…

Why is Kid Disco blogging?

Well, that’s a great question. Thanks for asking…

I decided to write my own blog because it seems like everybody else is doing it. Yep, I’m a follower. I want to be like those cool, big-time SEOers who have blogs that I read just about every day. I’m not sure if I can be quite as cool, but I can pretend…

I’m fairly new to the SEO industry, but I believe I have good stuff to offer. I have seriously become an information whore. I think it all started after I attended my first Search Engine Strategies Conference this past December (2005) in Chicago. It was quite the enlightening experience and I definitely recommend it for anyone who questions whether or not they should attend.

It was after SES-Chicago 2005 that I really began lurking around in the forums and reading everybody’s blogs. It was also at the conference where I realized my own potential and a couple months after, I was hired at the pimp-ass company that I am currently with.

Since, I’ve started the new job about a month ago, I have read Gladwell’s Tipping Point and Blink, as well as The Search by Battelle. I’ve also read various articles, studies, whitepapers… etcetera, etcetera. (Have you ever seen “etc.” spelled out like I just did? I must be cool.) I’m constantly reading and sometimes I even get down on myself when I don’t have time to read!

What is Kid Disco going to be blogging about?

I’m not really going to keep a specific format. As you can see, the tone is generally going to be pretty relaxed and I’m mostly going to be writing in the manner I speak, so grammar is not going to be a focus.

I hope to post a couple times a week. I’m going to try to avoid posting about the same thing everybody else is posting about because I don’t want to try topping a pimp-super-blogger… but you never know, I may feel like I need to repeat a topic for one reason or another.

I may also post about stuff that has been posted by others long ago that I feel may have some sort of benefit by bringing it up again…. I may post some personal goings-on… Most of my posts will be somehow related to SEO (ideally). Other than that, I’ll post about whatever I feel like!

Why is Kid Disco posting right now?

I’m not quite sure. A little while ago it kind of hit me when I was trying to sleep and the more I thought about it, the more fun it seemed and I ended up not sleeping all night because I kept coming up with different ideas, most of which I do not remember now.

The design of the site itself is still in progress. I am quickly learning some PHP by trial and error. It is pissing me off more than anything. I think the site is mostly functional for the time being, but you will be seeing some modifications here and there as I chug along.

I actually started writing this post last night (morning?) at 2:00 a.m. after my girlfriend and I got back to our hotel from Cheers. See, I am currently in Boston for the WebmasterWorld-PubCon dealie and thought it would be great to write my first post while I was buzzed. Unfortunately, I passed out with my laptop… on my lap… and awoke this morning finding this much of my post completed:

Who is Kid Disco?

Check out my about page…

Why is Kid Disco blogging?

Anyway, I wanted to get my first “official” post out there on a Monday, although I’m not sure if it is a good idea to start on this particular Monday because a lot of the big names in the industry are probably making their way out here to Beantown. Maybe it will turn in my favor, though, depending on who I meet… and buy drinks for.

So, anyway, this is my first time in Boston and I brought my girlfriend and our two little dogs along for the trip. We are watching the Boston Marathon right outside our window of the Hotel Commonwealth and the Red Sox game on TV. Like I mentioned, we went to Cheers last night… today we are watching the marathon and then we will head down to the river with the dogs, the conference starts tomorrow, we are going to the Sox game on Wednesday, and then PubCon is on Thursday.

So, hopefully I’ll find some downtime to post and put up some pictures. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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