JetBlue Launches BetaBlue: FREE In-Flight Wi-Fi

Back in April, I wrote about a Wall Street Journal piece that said in-flight wi-fi would be available within a year

There’s been a lot of traveling going on in the SEO-sphere with PubCon occurring last week. I’m sure a lot of you would’ve loved to have been able to get online while cruising at altitudes upwards of 30,000 feet.

Well… I am subscribed to special email offers from my favorite airline, JetBlue… and today, I received an email introducing BetaBlue, their “first aircraft with free email and instant messaging services above 10,000 feet.”

According to their press release:

JetBlue Airways customers flying on BetaBlue, the airline’s first aircraft equipped with an onboard wireless network from LiveTV, can now use Wi-Fi(r) enabled laptops and smartphones to stay connected to friends, family and colleagues in the air via customized in-flight versions of Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger. Customers with Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry smartphones are also able to access all their corporate and personal BlackBerry e-mail.

Add another point for JetBlue! In addition to leather seats, more legroom, DirecTV, friendly service, low fares, and other little perks… now they give you email and IM capabilities onboard!

I’m unable to find how many BetaBlue flights there are and I’m not sure if you can choose to be on one or if it’s just random… but this is exciting news and definitely a step in the right direction!

Check it,
—kid disco

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