How Would You SEO If All You Had Was $100?

A blog that I recently added in my Feedreader and just added to my Blizzogroll is SEOish by Patrick Sexton, also known as Feedthebot.

Pat has quickly made a likable impression within the SEO industry with his recent participation over at SEOmoz and other industry blogs.

So, I urge you to make your way over to his blog where he offers some great, humorous, and instructional posts. His latest post, “Got 100 dollars? 7 Experts share budget website marketing tips,” posed the question:

If you had to make a website soar but had only small chunks of money to spend on it what would you do? – (The “chunks” are 100 dollars, 250 dollars and 500 dollars.)

I was honored and am humbled to be included with the experts:

Some answers are more detailed than others and I picked up a few great tips, myself. The only thing I would change in my answer, other than being more detailed, is to clarify my wording of “cheap hosting.” Obviously, dependable hosting is a must, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to begin with. There are a number of good, affordable hosting plans out there that others mentioned.

Pat also included his own well-experienced advice. When he developed, he didn’t even own a computer. He did everything from the public library. Now, within seven months, the site is getting around 50,000 visitors!

Check it!
—kid disco

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