Hacker Targets SEO Blogs

I was just going through my FeedReader, when I noticed this title under Graywolf’s blog:

This site has been hacked! go to http://fuckingpirate.wordpress.com/ for more information.

When I tried to go to Graywolf’s blog, I was redirected to a page with this video:

YouTube Preview Image

Per, FuckingPirate, the following blogs are being targeted:

www.mattcutts.com – Mess with the best, die like the rest? He scares me… Just typing his site in this list makes me tremble

www.spamhuntress.com – That bitch needs some AdultFriendFinder love ASAP!

www.shoemoney.com – A bald “guru”, he is like the Buda of the SEO “gurus” (See eliteretreat.info)




ha.ckers.org – The hardest one of the list. Hats off to RSnake and iD!

www.v7n.com – Actually I’m just going to target blog.v7n.com and their forums

forums.digitalpoint.com – Hard

www.webmasterworld.com – They have the ugliest backend (and forum!) I’ve seen in my life

www.seoblackhat.com – The blog and the private forums (I help out n00bs over there once in a while)






www.digg.com – I’m not aiming for a deface; rather I will find & release ways to game their “democratic” system (This will make happy some webmasters out there)

www.techcrunch.comHad access to their server until they updated their stuff. This is the biggest target on the list…

www.johnchow.com – Dude wtf?! You came out of the blur and now your blog is everywhere

www.seobook.com – Your book is not that good anyways so get lost…


Don’t feel unimportant if your site is not listed here, more and more sites will be added gradually ;)

As I was typing this, it looks like Shoemoney noticed it as well and posted on Threadwatch.

It looks like a few more from the list have been hit already…

By simply posting this, am I putting my head right on the chopping block?

Well, I’m hoping that the low authority of my blog and my generosity with links to Mr./Mrs. FuckingPirate will spare me from his all-mighty powers.

I’m pretty sure this site would be easy for him/her to hack… and I’d have absolutely no friggin’ clue on what to do about it.

Let this be a lesson in website security management.

—kid disco

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