Go Win Yourself A Copy Of Aaron Wall’s SEO Book

Disclaimer: I got paid to write this.

If you don’t have a copy of Aaron Wall’s SEO Book, you might as well just go head on over to Internet Babel and subscribe to the email feed for a chance to get it for free.

Internet Babeler, Nick Sullivan, is trying to get more RSS subcribers on his blog in order to win a contest between himself and four others. Nick, is an Internet Marketer who is currently taking up space in the UK. While that may be fascinating, it and of itself, he is also just 17 years-old!

17!!! I was a junior in high school when I was 17! The last thing I wanted to do when I was in high school was write when I didn’t have to. Now, this kid is writing blog posts about internet marketing on a daily basis! From the sounds of it, he’s already starting to find some success in online marketing…

Hell, I didn’t have enough money in high school to go see a movie. 17 year-old Nick Sullivan has got enough money to pay people to write blog posts for his benefit!

If only I had the same resources and ambition at that age… Now, if he’s writing on his blog while in class… he’d be my hero.

Anyway, the winner is going to be announced on Friday, the 15th, so hurry up and go check out his blog and subscribe to his email feed before then.

There’s a few other prizes you can win, in addition to SEO Book:

  • A free copy of Duncan Bannatyne’s “Anyone Can Do It” book (paperback)
  • Two months of free advertising on Internet Babel in the sidebar (125 by 125 pixel ad)

I’m not sure if you win all three prizes, or if you get to choose one from the three… Hopefully, Nick will clarify in the comments.

Update: I’ve just been informed by Nick that there will be 1 winner who gets ALL 3 prizes!  So, hurry up and subscribe to his feed!

Do it!
—kid disco

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