Getting Links: Hook people up with coke

Hot on the heels of Andy Hagans and Aaron Wall’s widely mentioned “101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006” comes Todd Malicoat’s kick-ass post on “12 Different Types of Links and How To Get Them.”

Todd provides a list of 12 types of links, complete with explanations on how to obtain them, what to look for, examples, and additional notes. I think this is a great quick-glance resource for any SEO to refer back to. Definitely bookmark-worthy.

My favorite quote from Todd in the post:

Don’t be dumb.

Also, if you missed it, Quadzilla posted “7 Even More Effective Ways to Build Links” following Andy and Aaron’s post last week…

2. Hook people up with coke. Ever notice that the guy at the party with the coke is always the most popular? Aside from getting all the babes, if you give coke to other webmasters they’ll be sure to hook you up with some link love.

LOL… nice 😛

—kid disco

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