Poll: Do You Eat Meals in Front of Your Computer?

yummy steakI’m sure that many of you snack in front of your computer.  I have a drawer at my desk just for my beef jerky and chips.  But do you eat meals in front of your computer?

There was once a time when people ate their meals at their dining table, but most peeps I know go out to eat or eat in front of the TV, now…

I usually try not to eat in front of my computers.  I like to step away, get out of the home office, and chillax with my food on the couch in front of the TV.  But I’ve been finding myself eating in front of the computer more and more, as I read blogs and articles, and watch videos and vidcasts.  I’ve been eating most of my breakfasts and lunches in front of my computer, lately. I blame the continued advancement and adoption of online multimedia.

I did spill juice all over my keyboard once. That sucked. Now, I use water bottles and don’t let any open liquid containers anywhere near my computers.

Maybe it’s just me, or those of us who work from home, but even when I worked for the man, I’d find myself eating lunch at my desk on most days.

Being the internet-addicted creatures that we are, I thought I’d throw the question out to ya’ll… Assuming that you eat an average of three meals a day…

Feel free to comment on why or why not you eat your meals in front of your computer… Or any horror stories that you may have!

—kid disco

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