Don’t Drink and SEO


Ah. I have so much to write about concerning the Search Engines Strategies Conference! Unfortunately, I am tight on time right now as I’m catching up on work. I came in this morning and was rushed to a meeting with our Google Reps that lasted the entire morning.

Anyway, I had the best time at Webmaster Radio‘s SearchBash on Wednesday night… I met so many people (I will name drop later) and collected a ton of business cards.

Thursday morning, when I woke up to catch the last of the sessions… I found all of the business cards I collected strewn all over my hotel room floor. Upon checking my phone later, I discovered that I drunk dialed a bunch of the numbers on the cards.

I have no idea if I got a hold of anybody or left any absurd messages, so if you missed a call or have a voicemail from a (714) number, you should feel lucky that you recieved a drunk dial from the one and only – Kid Disco. 😛

More to come later…
—kid disco

P.S. I promise not to be drunk during Phone Consultations.

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