Damn You, Google Maps!

I’ve gotten lost twice this week due to incorrect directions from Google Maps.

I suppose that it’s my own fault for depending solely on Google Maps. Fool me once, shame on Google. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The first time, Google wanted me to turn on a street that didn’t connect to the street that I was on. Apparently, I was supposed to jump a curb, slalom around some palm trees, and hover across a fountain. The second time, Google sent me to the wrong city.

I must admit that I’ve been getting wasted on the Googlade lately – everything that I need to search for, I’ve been counting on Google to find for me.

Well… listen up G, you’re not gonna get me a third time!

I rechecked the directions on Yahoo Maps, Ask Maps, LiveSearch, and MapQuest. For my searches, the winner, hands down, was MapQuest. Yahoo was second, and the rest were tied for crap.

What are your experiences with these mapping services?

—kid disco

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