Boston PubCon 2006, Day 1

Begin post: 1:18 a.m.. Day 1 is over. It is officially day 2.

You may notice that the title of my post is exactly the same as Matt Cutts’ recap. I did this on purpose because:

1. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I’m a follower.

2. I intend to rank higher in Google for this post title and then I will become cool and rub it in Matt’s face and then people can crowd around me at conferences.

Totally kidding.

I definitely enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell’s keynote this morning. I am glad that I read The Tipping Point prior to listening to him speak today because he touched on many points and referred to many the same examples from the book.

The speech began a bit slow, with Gladwell appearing a bit disheveled in the obligatory writer’s brown blazer. (I took some pics and want to insert one here, but I do not feel like dealing with that right now.) As Gladwell became more comfortable, the audience became more receptive and Gladwell seemed to respond well with some humorous annotations. I’m not going to say more about the speech other than: you should read the book. I definitely recommend it and I’ll bet that when you are done reading it, you will recommend it to others.

There’s some crazy ruckus going on next door… I bet its Lee and his posse throwing down. On a serious note. I had the pleasure of meeting Lee Odden today (for real!) and was very pleased with his cordiality. He is very presentable and well-spoken and I cannot wait to hear him speak at the Public Relations session tomorrow. I also added him to my Blogroll. He probably won’t believe me if I said that I have always planned to add him, since his blog is part of my daily reading… but it’s true!

I wasn’t invited to this YPN party that i am just finding out about. That sucks, but oh well. I wouldn’t have gone anyway. I went out with my girlfriend by Fenway to catch the Red Sox game over dinner and drinks and also bought some Sox gear for the game tomorrow.

I’d like to end with a Public Service Announcement for all future conference sessions. This should go without saying, but… geez people, turn your damn cell phone ringers off!

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