Blog Tag: 5 things you didn’t know about Kid Disco

Yeah, yeah… I’ve been blog tagged. If you don’t know the game, check out the Blog Tag Tree for some background… 😛

I’ve been tagged by Lyndseo (nice new site, btw!) and Karl Ribas.

Though I think this game has led to the overuse of the term “meme,” I’ve learned a lot about some industry folk that I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise…

So, if you’re not sick of reading these yet, here are 5 things you didn’t know about me:

1. Like Todd, I am into music… though, no turntables (yet), I play guitar, piano, drums, saxophone… and write, sing, and produce music. Though, I wasn’t voted “Most Likely to Take Over the World,” like Rebecca, my high school classmates voted me “Best Musician” and I received numerous music scholarship offers from colleges, but…

2. I was also a soccer stud in high school and went on to play NCAA Division 1 soccer on scholarship, and not completely unlike Lisa, I lost my scholarship and ended up leaving the game competitively due to a lower-back injury after my freshman year. I recently began practicing and playing again in an adult league and scored our team’s first goal of the season! While Aaron may be able to hit a tennis ball at 85mph, my shot has been clocked at similar speeds.

3. Being “experimental” like Graywolf… In junior high, I purposely shorted an electric socket which shut down the electricity in an entire wing of the school. The administration never realized that it was a prank. My friends, who were in on the hijinks, convinced our teacher it was because he was lecturing about algebra for too long on the overhead projector.

4. You may have read that Neil and Abhilash once had jobs selling Kirby vacuums. Well, in high school, I sold vacuums for their competitor, Electrolux. My parents bought one, and about ten years later now, they still use it regularly.

5. I probably haven’t been doing SEO for as long as most may think. However, my background in communication and my passion for the industry has led me to become more successful early in my career than my parents or I could have ever dreamed. (Note that this may not be near the standards of the A-listers, but coming from the modest midwestern upbringing of a first-generation Korean-American, I’ve surpassed many expectations. On that note… way to go, Yul!!!)

Bonus: My real name is CK Chung.

Who is there left to tag? I’ll bounce around… Malcolm Gladwell, Morgan Carey, Jeff Hudson, Brent Norris, and Dan Kramer… you’re it!

—kid disco

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