These are the blogs that I keep an eye on as they are updated in my feedreader. This list is the result of tracking over 100s of feeds throughout the course of however long I’ve been reading blogs, and narrowing it down to the ones that I feel benefit me the most. The list will change slightly from time to time.

Daily Fix

These are the only feeds that I try to keep tabs on at least 4 times a week. Okay, fine… it’s not “daily,” but do you really want it to say At Least 4 Times-A-Week Fix? 😛 These feeds tend to be all I need to lead me to other essential posts and resources.


I try to keep tabs on these feeds once a week. These are the ones that I don’t want to miss.


I try to read through these feeds, or at least the headlines, once a week. They are not necessarily “essential” for me, but they periodically feature outstanding material, to my liking.

SEO Friends

Many of the blogs listed above are by friends, as well, but these are my friends in the industry who generally tend to blog less often and less on topic. Still, I don’t want to miss out on what my friends are sayin’!

For the consideration of your blog to be included in this list, please send payment of $1,000,000 to my PayPal account: kid [at] seodisco [dot] com