Backup Your Website?

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately…

I’ve been in the process of switching my personal sites from a shared IP to a dedicated IP. There were a ton of things that didn’t switch over properly and I’m desperately trying to fix things up.

I really didn’t have any reason to switch. I just felt like it because my host was offering it for free and it was supposed to be an easy and painless one-click process. Now I wish I just left them on the shared IP… they’re just personal sites, anyway.

This has become a huge pain-in-the-ass because my personal sites have a ton of pictures and it’s the photo gallery part that isn’t functioning properly.

Oh well… I guess I will learn from this.

On that note, do you back-up all of the pages and files on your website? Other than a few files here and there, I’ve never really backed up any of my sites. I think I may be placing way too much trust in my webhost…

I back-up the files on my computer regulary… should I be practicing The Tao of Backup on my websites, too?

—kid disco

P.S. On another note, if you see some weird stuff going on with this site every once in awhile it’s because I’ve been making some updates behind-the-scenes. Stay tuned!

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