Axandra Rips off Jim Boykin

Just a couple quick rants… is stupid.

Darin Babin should not host a radio show. Props to Danny Sullivan for making the Daily Searchcast on WebmasterRadio worth listening to. It sounded like Darin is not able to do more than one thing at a time. He was paying more attention to the chatroom than hosting the show. It was painful to listen to Danny apologizing when it wasn’t his fault.

Matt’s point on reciprocal links being the reason for pages dropping out of the index on his mondo-post today doesn’t make sense to me. Mainly because I still see a ton of crappy real estate websites with 99% reciprocal links at the top of the SERPs for very competitive keywords.

Worst of all, Axandra ripped off Jim Boykin’s great post on Co-Citation. It’s not word for word, but it’s blatantly obvious where they got the information from. Hey Axandra… how about including a citation to Jim’s post?

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