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Remember AlltheWeb? It’s been said that they gave Google a run for their money, back in the day. That seems to be an all-too-familiar story…

Anyway, AlltheWeb was introduced in 1999 by FAST (Fast Search & Transfer) as their showcase site. In 2003, it was bought by Overture… and, of course, Yahoo bought Overture in 2004, thus acquiring AlltheWeb (as well as AltaVista).

So what has Yahoo been doing with AlltheWeb for the past two years? Well, immediately after the acquisition, they changed the database and stripped away many great features that distinguished AlltheWeb. Nothing much has seemed to happen since then… Until now!

Yahoo announces the launch of Livesearch on AlltheWeb

It helps you find what you want faster, by showing search results instantaneously as you type. Livesearch also shows related queries, spelling suggestions, and enables you to use keyboard shortcuts to help you find the right query faster to get to the results that you want.

I think it is pretty cool and could prove to be useful. The instant results appear to be driven by a combination of Yahoo Search and whatever technology they use to deliver search query counts for the Overture Keyword Selector Tool. The speed is pretty damn impressive. As you type, the results instantaneously become more and more refined.

With most of the single-word searches that I tried, I didn’t need to type more than three characters before I found either a suggested query in the left column or an actual result.

What does this mean for SEO?

Well, if technology like this takes off, it may become more difficult for the long-tail keyword players to be found. On the other hand, if your site is found for the long-tail keywords, you may see your conversion rates go up.

As for me, having the suggested queries in the left column and the results in the main body also allows a great way to perform some keyword research and competive analysis all on one page.

I already find this technology useful and am excited to see where it goes. What do you think?

—kid disco

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