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Kid Disco - YEAH!So, this is the blog of the infamous – or maybe more like the not-so-famous (yet) – Kid Disco.

Who the hell is Kid Disco?

To sum it up right off the bat: Kid Disco is an SEO Hotshot, who wrote this page about himself… in the third-person.

As you can probably tell already, he is pretty full of himself.

Also known as CK Chung, Disco was born on December 12, 1979 in Melrose Park, Illinois and grew up most of his life in Plainfield, Illinois. In high school, he excelled in music and athletics. Schmoozed by many a university for his dexterity on the saxophone and prowess on the soccer pitch, Disco chose to continue his soccer career at Drake University while majoring in Business Information Systems.

Due to a chronic lower-back injury and a pure detestation of COBOL programming, Disco retired his soccer jersey and transferred to Northern Illinois University, where he discovered his calling and squeezed in as many communication, media, and journalism courses as possible.

During his tenure at NIU, Disco became a leader in multiple campus organizations and also moonlighted with a rock band as their heroic guitarist. After making his mark and pulling off countless all-nighters, Disco graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational & Corporate Communication.

Following the whole college spectacle, Disco immediately moved out to Orange County, California to find the perfect wave – so to speak. Disco found work at Advanced Access, a leading web design and hosting company for real estate agents. This is where he discovered Internet Marketing. Personally working with over 130 premium clients throughout his tenure, Disco provided beginning to pimp-ass levels of Search Engine Marketing/Optimization.

Due to popular demand, Disco courted multiple offers and eventually moved on to join Experian, the worldwide information super-conglomerate, as their inaugural in-house SEO Specialist, where he was responsible for optimizing some of the highest traffic generating web properties in the highly regulated financial sector.

Due to even more demand, Disco shielded off numerous offers eventually accepting a position to head up the SEO efforts at Argus Interactive Agency, where he led all of the SEO campaigns for a wide range of high-profile clients across various industries.

Now, Disco is concentrating full-time on his own business – WEBOSIS – where he is cultivating his own web projects and currently offering premium SEO services for a select number of clients.

For the complete lowdown about Disco’s life, check out his professional about page. For more information about the type of sites that Disco has worked on and more details on his SEO career, check out his consulting bio. For more info about Disco’s employment and academic history, feel free to check out his resume.

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