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Archive for December, 2008


Poll: Do You Eat Meals in Front of Your Computer?

yummy steakI’m sure that many of you snack in front of your computer.  I have a drawer at my desk just for my beef jerky and chips.  But do you eat meals in front of your computer?

There was once a time when people ate their meals at their dining table, but most peeps I know go out to eat or eat in front of the TV, now…


Yet Another Google SERP UI Test

I must be hitting a test datacenter out here. or something, because I tend to see various Google UI tweaks before most others do.

Just now, I came across yet another tweak to the bar under the search box in the Google SERPs.  I originally wrote about one such tweak back in June of 2007, as Google Universal rolled out: Google SERPs Reverting Back To Blue Bar?


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