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Synergize Your Twitter Account And Your WordPress Blog With Twitter Tools

twitter-logo.pngI’ve had my Twitter account for about a year, now, but I didn’t really “get it” at first – mostly because there weren’t very many tweeps (twitter/peeps) on there that I cared to tweet to, or with. It wasn’t until November that I saw more and more tweeps that I knew, thus Twitter became a staple in my ever-growing social media disorder.


Google Is Updating Their Technical Fiddly Bits

I just went in to add a listing to Google Local today and, instead of seeing the normal page, apparently Google is working on things and I was presented with this page:

(click on image to enlarge)
Google Local: Temporarily Unavailable

It reads:

The Google Local Business Center is unavailable for the next hour

We appreciate your patience as we perform some routine system maintenance.


Sweet New FireFox Extension For Quick & Easy Domain Lookups

It seems like there’s been more and more talk about domaining going on around the SEO-sphere, lately. I know that I’ve been buying more and more domains, in recent months.


Actual Sighting Of Google Video Results Under AdWords Listings In Right Column

I’ve always been a big fan of the Ask3D SERP UI. It looks as though Google is testing a layout along those lines…

Danny Sullivan wrote about AdWords + Video, last month, with a mockup of what it might look like, but this layout is a bit different. My good friend and fellow SEO consultant, Adam Moro, spotted a results page with three video results appearing under the AdWords ads in the right column… So, they’re not AdWords video ads, but they are actual Google “Universal” video results… appearing more along the lines of Ask3D.


NEW Google Advanced Search Page

I just happened to notice that the Google Advanced Search page has a new look:

(Click on image to enlarge)
NEW Google Advanced Search page