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Archive for January, 2008


Warning: This Is A Stupid Post

So you like to read stupid posts, eh?

I just really wanted to write something really quick. I ended up thinking about what to write, longer than it probably would’ve taken me to write something worthwhile.

Hmm… Should I have put a comma between write and longer in the previous sentence? When I say the sentence out loud, I pause after saying write… but I don’t think there’s supposed to be a comma there. Butt* when I leave the comma out, I feel like the sentence becomes one of those sentences you need to read twice in order to get what it means. Any grammar nazi’s out there?


Start 2008 Right: Internet Marketing Ninja Style

I initially found out about Internet Marketing Ninjas last month at PubCon, where I picked up this nifty little tchotchke:

Membership just opened up, yesterday. Since I found out about the service, I’ve been saving up my money here and there so that I can sign-up as soon as possible. I plan to do this within the month.