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Archive for December, 2007


Google Universal Listings Not Taking Away From Original 10 Spots In SERPs Anymore?

Back in April, I wrote about the manner in which the Google Local Onebox was appearing on the results page. Up until a few days ago, the Onebox/Universal listings were taking away a number of the 10 spots available on the results page, as shown here from a screenshot taken of a search for bellagio las vegas from the previously mentioned post made back in April:

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Google: bellagio las vegas [BEFORE]


JetBlue Launches BetaBlue: FREE In-Flight Wi-Fi

Back in April, I wrote about a Wall Street Journal piece that said in-flight wi-fi would be available within a year

There’s been a lot of traveling going on in the SEO-sphere with PubCon occurring last week. I’m sure a lot of you would’ve loved to have been able to get online while cruising at altitudes upwards of 30,000 feet.


Opportunistic Search Marketing

I finally got to meet Andy Beal in person, thanks to the Gooruze Meetup at PubCon that he put together. After introducing myself, the first thing he said to me and the group that he was already chatting with was that I am one of the best opportunistic marketers that he knows.