1 Month of Blogging

So it’s been one month since my first official post. Blogging has been pimp-ass! I entered the blogosphere with no real expectations. My intentions were to use this blog as a learning experience and attempt to provide some useful information.

I have definitely learned a lot in just the past month. As I mentioned before, I have been learning more and more about PHP and other coding languages by tweaking this site. My trial and error method has been quite the affair. I’ve had to restrain myself from going “Office Space” on my computers many of times.

I have also learned that some people will demand more information when you provide it for free. I’ve have had some complaints from people because I didn’t give away enough tips or I didn’t make a post for a couple days. I can understand that these people expect to get what they paid for, but… oh, wait… you’re not paying me anything you dumbasses!

I guess it may be kind of weird to offer information for free when I ask for nothing in return… you can take that as my attempt to be a maven. Plus, I have the AdSense going on – which I have made about $2.70 from over the past month. That’s enough to buy a gallon of gas… hell yeah! Oh wait… no it’s not… gas is like $300000000 now. Dammit.

I don’t expect to make much off of AdSense through this site, but I am learning more and more about it and other methods of affiliate marketing which will be great for my other projects.

I have also found that blogging is not easy. Well… blogging itself may be easy, but blogging well is not easy. Not to say I’ve been blogging well, but it takes me more time than I thought to write stuff that is worth reading. Originally, I figured that I could just jot down whatever I felt like (which is kind of what I’ve been doing anyway), but I end up deleting a lot of posts because they are just pure drivel.

That said, I have much respect for all of you other bloggers out there… especially the ones that have blogs that I look forward to reading.

I take pride in my writing… while it still may seem like I’m just winging it… indeed I am. LOL… but, honestly, a lot of my writing is calculated drivel… and that takes time!

Anyway, I hope my two loyal readers have enjoyed what I have done so far. I have enjoyed doing it and will keep chugging along. Please feel free to let me know how I’ve been doing… suggestions, constructive criticism, and high praise for my bad-self is welcome. 🙂

—kid disco

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