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Matt McGowan is a Dumbass

A Lesson in Online Reputation Management

More and more internet users have been adopting social media, and many are discovering the backlash that could come from it.  With consumers having the ability to voice their opinions in seconds by such means as Twitter and Facebook, businesses are learning that no communication is safe.  With that said, someone who is within the industry should know better.


What Are These???

Pam just brought to my attention some new type of ads in Google’s Sponsored Links:

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Google: landscape design san diego

Clicking on the title will take you to their landing page, and clicking on the “Directions” link will take you to a Google Maps search for the address – surprisingly, not the company listing or a Google Places page.  I also find it interesting that the blue pin-thingies in the Sponsored Links aren’t clickable.  I expected it to take me to a Google Maps result with that pin highlighted among other paid results… or something like that.


What iPhone Apps Do We Need for Our Cross-Country Road Trip?

iphone-roadtripIf you’re not caught up on our IM Road Trip shenanigans yet, read up on how we made a spontaneous decision to take a cross-country road trip to IM Spring Break!

Both Pam and I own the iPhone 3G and don’t know how we’d live without it.  Opening up the phone to take 3rd party applications is probably the best thing that Apple could have done.  However, I remember the times when I could install and test them all… but now there are so many apps to choose from!


Calling All Discophiliacs: Taking Requests for our Rockin’ Road Trip Playlist

music-note Everyone knows that music is an essential variable in the road trip equation… We know that a lot of you are total music enthusiasts, so what better than to ask you all what we should listen to during our fabulously looong journey for IM Road Trip?


IM Road Trip Sponsors: What You Get For Being So Awesome

im-road-tripIf you’ve been living under a floppy disk, and haven’t heard yet… Pamela Lund and I are going to be taking it  old-school with a cross-country Road Trip to IM Spring Break.